No special arrangement is available from the Conference Steering Committee.
Please book by yourself through your favorite Hotel Booking Sites.

Most convenient hotels are located near JR stations, Suidobashi, Ochanomizu, Kanda, Akihabara, Okachimachi, Ueno, and Shinjuku.

For Muslim colleagues, please check the website below first.

Early booking is strongly recommended since the recent drastic increase of the number of tourists from East-Asian regions have caused a serious lack of accommodation in Tokyo metropolitan areas.

Alternatives for Graduate Students (who want cheaper accommodation):

For these Youth Hostels, booking for an individual or a small group use (up to 9 persons) starts from 3 months before the check-in day. For a large group use (more than 10 persons), booking starts from one year before the check-in-day. (This means that even if you want to book 3 months before the check-in day, it may be unavailable because of several groups' early booking.)

(In addition, Tokyo Ueno Youth Hostel do accept booking from a group use (more than 3 persons) alone.)