Conference Theme

Innovations in Science Education Research & Practice:
Strengthening International Collaboration

We believe that innovative findings, ideas, and practices in science education should not be closed within their respective contexts, but shared with science educators from other regions. The EASE statements on ‘mission’ and ‘aims,’ declare that ‘providing a platform for collaboration and cooperation in science education research’ should be one of the key functions of our Association. Recent progress among the EASE members (launching another new journal, Asia Pacific Science Education, and developing several book writing projects) is fantastic, and such efforts should be expanded further. To this end, ‘Strengthening International Collaboration,’ not only among senior science educators, but also among our junior researchers and practitioners, should be highly encouraged and supported. The EASE2016 Tokyo is eager to serve as a ‘bridge’ of prospective international collaboration activities. Especially, for the junior scholars, this conference is the way to the next EASE Summer/Winter School Program.

Graduate students (MA, MS or PhD programs), Post-doc researchers, Junior scholars, Junior practitioners, and Alumni of EASE Summer/Winter Schools !! Why not joining us with your peers to find out your future collaborators from other regions?